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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Get the full picture of the property you want to buy before you buy it

From $249.00

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A pre-purchase property inspection gives you the confidence to make the right offer. Get a full detailed report with photos on your property before selling or buying to give you peace of mind. Reports include Major defects, Minor defects and Safety hazards to give you a clear overview of the property to make an informed decision. 

The inspection will consists of: 

  • Visual inspection of all reasonably accessible areas:

  • Internal areas

  • External areas

  • Roof exterior

  • Sub floor spaces

  • Roof spaces

  • Site and fences.

We do moisture testing with the latest technology around wet areas and all other areas of concern to give you the best information on possible damp and waterproofing issues that might arise. 

Give us a call or send us a message to discuss your obligation free quote and inspection.

Reports are guaranteed on the same day of the inspection and includes colour photos.  

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