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Timber pest Inspections

A Timber Pest Inspection reports on termites, borers and fungal decay.

From $229.00


Get your property inspected for termites, fungal decay, wood borers etc. We will identify any pest activity, previous damage, pest management systems installed and conducive conditions to minimise the risk of future attacks.

Our inspectors will scan all areas of concern with radar technology to determine pest activity inside timbers.


We see what our competitors can't.

Thermal and moisture detection will be carried out to accessible areas of concern to determine conducive conditions for timber pest attack and reported on.

We scan trees and stumps in the yard for termite colonies to ensure you are aware of all possible termite activity on the property. 
Our inspectors are all certified and use only the best radar, moisture and thermal technologies to detect and identify timber pests.

We are certified in using the Termatrac T3I termite detection technology.

Reports are guaranteed on the same day of the of the inspection and includes colour photos.

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